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About Us


Our history

BRAVO Vet was established for the reason to connect with businesses big or small that hire veterans or have agreed to start hiring more veterans. We incorporate universities and/or colleges that veterans are currently attending or will be enrolling in. 

We feel that with this program, if we can help 1 employee, (veteran or non-veteran) with the help that they need to succeed within your business that we have exceeded any goals set forth by this individual. This can be accomplished by the right education for everyone within your business.


Our mission

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects more than the veteran suffering from it, including all aspects of their civilian life. Knowledge and understanding this disorder can assist in overcoming challenges in their careers and further educational goals, for veterans, employers, and universities.


Our Vision

To expand the knowledge base of PTSD so that businesses and educational establishments will flourish and be successful. Veterans deserve it without disrespect or discrimination.